day 8, center of america

We took a detour Wednesday. At least I think it was Wednesday. I’m not sure any more.

The above photo is of Banjo Man imitating a Da Vinci sketch.

Thank goodness Banjo Man kept his clothes on.

The center of the United States was very exciting. For one of us.

There was a very,very small chapel. I couldn’t resist reading a Psalm. My one and only opportunity.

I may have been praying to get to Nebraska.

We had spent the previous night at an Econolodge in Phillipsburg, Kansas. We were a bit apprehensive when we drove up to the motel, bit it turned out to be wonderful. Like the polar opposite of the motel in Anaconda.

In other words, I did not cry.

We ate at the Sand Trap Bar And Grill, another surprise hit. Banjo Man’s chicken fried steak dinner was the size of a turkey platter.

Anyway, as interesting as the center of the United States was, we had an 11:30 tour booked at the Willa Cather Center in Red Cloud. We would see a museum, gift shop, her childhood home, train depot, her best friend’s home and two churches. Oh, and the Willa Cather prairie.

It was all good, but I was bitten and/or stung by a number of Willa Cather insects. I have the welts on my arm and back to prove it.

Travel advice: When in Red Cloud bring bug spray.

Willa Cather’s childhood home.

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  1. Marjorie Fridrich says:


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  2. Gary Matson says:

    What a great way to convey news of your adventures, Kristine! Thanks!

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