end of the road

I just kissed Banjo Man goodbye here in the Omaha airport. He is heading back to Rhode Island and has a long afternoon and evening ahead. He won’t arrive in RI until midnight and will spend at least five hours in Chicago.

Southwest is not making this easy.

My flights are delayed, too, but I’m glad to be flying. Nothing has been cancelled yet and I consider that a miracle. Over 1000 flights were cancelled yesterday.

So here I sit at Gate 18, plugged into a Charging Station, ready to head to Texas.

Part of me wishes I was heading home with Banjo Man, but in Austin there are Things To Do, such as picking out new flooring and a couch and possibly kitchen cabinets. There is also an Early Birthday celebration for the Funny Grandson.

I’m going to be busy.

Our family reunion weekend was so wonderful. I have pictures and I will blog about it as soon as I can. I don’t know about the rest of the family, but I felt wrapped up in love from start to finish.

Time to board……

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3 Responses to end of the road

  1. Patricia E Coughlin says:

    Safe travels, More Pie. I know a lot of Austin boys who will be very happy to see you.

  2. Phyllis says:

    “Wrapped up in love” is a good description of the entire weekend. Thanks to you, Banjo Man and all the family who traveled to be together. I was an amazing weekend.

  3. Party Grandma is on her way!

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