maybe i should have said no

Two days before Thanksgiving.

When Nels, head of construction crew, called last night to ask if they could come today and start the drywall and the painting, I said “sure”.

Yes, it is the week of Thanksgiving and yes, I was counting on setting up tables and selecting and ironing tablecloths today.  And yes, I know it is important to get these important and time-consuming projects done before Thursday morning, but…who says “no” to anyone prepared to work on her house?

Not me, obviously, though I did have second thoughts immediately after I hung up the phone.

Which is why tequila was invented.

So at 7:30 this morning the work began.  The drywall has been screwed into place in various parts of the house and the taping is sure to happen any minute.

They intend to paint two of the walls and the ceiling, but I can’t remember what color paints we used in 2019.  I think we can come close.  I’m not worried about it.

The roof won’t be installed until December 2nd.  Fingers crossed for dry weather.

On the Austin front, the first half of the tiling project in the condo is happening.  I hope it’s going well.  I’m a little afraid to call Will and ask.  He is dealing with bronchitis, stripping baseboards, moving kitchen cabinets and moving all of the furniture into the one and only bedroom.

He probably doesn’t have time to answer his phone today.

Despite everything going on here, we are very much looking forward to Thanksgiving!






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