if you know what’s good for you…

Banjo Man doesn’t do any of the above.  Isn’t he smart?

He loves to come into the office in the morning and sit down on my sewing chair–while I’m at my desk–and survey the fabric spread around the tables.  There is usually a new project in the design stage while another is being stitched together.  He is very careful to set his coffee cup in a spot I clear just for him.  I like that he comes to visit.

He never, ever says anything critical about how much fabric I have so he is welcome to stop by anytime he wants.

The funniest question he often asks is, “You’re not giving that one away, are you?”

Well, yes, as a matter of fact, I am.

At least right now.

I have a big project in mind for January, a quilt I will most certainly keep only because it will take so much time and be so intricate and I’ve wanted to do the pattern for years.

Sometimes a quilt will be finished for a year or two before I discover who it would be perfect for.  Or I realize there is a bed at the lake or in Texas that needs another quilt.  Most of the time I create what I feel like and then see what happens.

I wonder what this will be…


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