there will be turkey

This is my Thanksgiving 2021 mantra.

Yesterday my one-man, non-English-speaking crew started repairing drywall.  And mudding the drywall.  Today he is sanding and priming, along with repairing the drywall that tumbled off the beam when the tree hit.  He doesn’t speak English, so Banjo Man’s attempts to tell him not to come to work today didn’t work.

My furniture is shoved into the middle of the living room/dining/kitchen area and covered with sheets.

A dumpster was just delivered and fills the parking spaces.  The huge chunks of wood from the tree are still there, too (someone was supposed to come get them).

In other words, it doesn’t look like Thanksgiving here.  Not yet.


Last night Banjo Man, Nancy and I set up the tables and chairs (temporarily) to see what would work.  We picked out tablecloths.  I starched and ironed napkins.  We made the potato casserole.

This morning I have decided to take the coward’s way out and leave the house for a couple of hours.  I will buy an electric bread knife (I saw a very cool way to carve turkey breasts on tv), gather paint chips (no one can remember what color my walls were painted) and buy myself a comforting sandwich at Subway for lunch.

And tomorrow I will look forward to many things, most of all desserts.



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