snow day 2022

Our first snowstorm of the winter is happening now.  Forecast is 4-10″ of snow by 2 PM.

I am less than deliriously happy about this.  As I said to a friend yesterday, now that I am too old to make snow forts I have no use for snow.

No.  Use.

There was also the drama of not having a snowplow driver this winter.  Barbara came through with a name from her Grange.  Jeff offered to come with his new old tractor.  And I gave my number to a guy who works at Cumberland Farms (I was buying Banjo Man’s milk).

So I think we’re set.  But it was a bit stressful.  We’d hoped that we’d have another dry winter and could skate through.


I was up at 5 AM doing this:

And making a bean and sausage soup in the crock pot.

Banjo Man is still asleep, so my cooking adventures have been very, very quiet.

Yesterday I listed “stuff” on Ebay.  This means that I am certifiably insane.  In my defense, I have collected a huge bin of wonderful vintage trims and laces and edgings.  I can’t throw them out.  I don’t know any Vintage Textile Artists to give this stuff to.  I hate for it to go to waste, so I am listing it in lots on Ebay at inexpensive prices in hopes that everything will find a home with someone who will ooh and ahh over such treasures.

Probably a longshot.

I’m already wondering if I should cancel the auctions and drive around the state until I find a thrift store that will take craft supplies.

I also listed four of my vintage horses.  The others are going to a thrift store that raises money for children’s music camps.

Was this time-consuming? Oh, yes!  It took up most of my day.  I don’t even want to think about having to pack it up and ship it in ten days.

Tomorrow I will move on to listing the big stuff, the drape panels, unless the local consignment store will take them.  They are beautiful, but it is definitely time for someone else to enjoy them.

Today I am taking a break from Ebay.  I’m going to play with a new quilt project and cut out fabric and see what happens.

Perhaps the new snowplow driver will want some cookies.

What are you doing today?



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