seaside hotel

This series from Denmark was one of the best things that happened to us all winter.

I kid you not.

You can watch it with a Masterpiece/PBS subscription.  It’s worth paying for it for a month while you binge on nine seasons.

Beginning in 1928, each season chronicles a summer on the shore of  Denmark, in the “Seaside Hotel”.  The same guests return each year.  The staff of the inn remains the same, for the most part.  The story begins when a new girl arrives to work as a maid at the hotel for the summer.

It’s been described as a Danish “Downtown Abbey”.

You grow to love all of the characters.  One of our particular favorites was “Mr. Weyse”, an actor who frequently plays the piano and entertains everyone.  And who falls hilariously and hopelessly in love with a woman he can’t have.

The characters are charming and funny and sweet.  They grapple with the rise of Hitler.  They fall in love.  They are hilarious at times and sad at others.

Yes, there are subtitles.  But the Danish language is easy on the ears.

I hope you try it.  Put it on your list for next winter.  We loved it so much we tried to ration ourselves to two episodes a night.

When we finished the last episode, Banjo Man turned to me and said, “Maybe we should start over and watch it again.”

We miss our Danish friends.  I’ve read there’s a season 10 to be filmed, so maybe next  year we’ll be seeing them again.  Oh, I hope so!

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