before, during and after

Here’s a picture of The Tree a few winters ago.

Then there was this, as I’m sure you remember from my many posts whining about it:

Two weeks ago, before the crew came to remove the branches, one by one.  There was a bucket truck, a crew of three and several chainsaws.

The result?

Ugly, huh?  See the pile of wood?  Friends are coming today to take it for their wood burning stove.

We are glad we know someone with a wood stove.

When the wood is gone, the tree crew will return and take down the rest of the tree.  Which means a lot more wood for a stove, just in case the winter of 2023 is a tough one.

We’ll miss the shade of The Tree.  We’ll miss watching the owl who liked to sit on its lower branch and look for breakfast.

But I won’t miss the dumpster.

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