the broken winter is almost over

In progress, almost five months later.

Our old, tree-damaged front door has been removed and a new one has been installed.

Two weeks ago a lot of men showed up to fix things.  I’m not sure why this particular day was selected by two different crews, but it was very exciting to look out my office window and see this:

They were everywhere!

Our horrible old slider was removed and replaced, too.  Check out the old front door in the dumpster.

The tree removal crew arrived also.  There were three of them, plus a bucket truck.  It took almost two days to saw the branches from the tree.  We were thrilled to have that done, because we’d had another branch fall down in the driveway.  It was a disaster waiting to happen.

The car windshield repair guy was supposed to arrive during that week, but the wrong windshield was ordered and had to be reordered.

But the car windshield is fixed now.

As is the car, which scared us to death with a blinking engine light and all sorts of terrible noises.  We rented a car while it was being fixed, though I left my EZ Pass transponder in the rental car and have to get a new one.

The mysteriously broken house windows will be replaced in May.

The new doors will be painted and wall repairs made in May also, because I won’t let the crew return until then.  We are quarantining now so NOTHING–no Covid, no flu, no cold– interferes with Banjo Man’s surgery.  As my grandson has taught me and loves to hear me say, “I have spoken.  This is the way.”

It’s Star Wars speak.

Our propane fireplace is burning nicely now that it has been repaired…twice…after having no heat upstairs for all of January.

The electrician returned for the fourth (fifth?) time and fixed the light switch that turns on the light over the stairs.  He was quite the character.  I hid in my office the last two times he was here because I was tired of being nice to him.

The Austin condo is almost fixed, too!!!  This has been a long and stressful and frustrating project, but it comes to an end today when the dishwasher is reinstalled and a tile backsplash is applied to the wall by the sink.

Will and I think it will be beautiful.

And in eleven days Banjo Man will be fixed, too.  That is more important than everything else put together.

And then the Winter of Broken Things will be behind us.

I have spoken.


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2 Responses to the broken winter is almost over

  1. TomF says:

    With everything that is going on at your house one would think you had a big limb fall on the roof, or something like that !

  2. Marjorie Fridrich says:

    Salute! 🤣. So glad you can check those things off. You and Glen are on my mind every day. 💕👍🌸❤️

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