what’s streaming on the big tv

HBO Max:  Somebody Somewhere, described as a “dark comedy” about a woman in Kansas finding her voice and finding a community while dealing with grief.

I am not making this sound like the wonderful show it is.  The characters are a joy and I loved them all.  Well, except for the mother.  It is raunchy and there is a lot of swearing, so beware.

The phrase “dark comedy” always turns me off.  But we were desperate for something to watch last week and there it was and Banjo Man said what’s that and I clicked on it and we were hooked.

HBO Max:  The Gilded Age.  Written by Julian Fellowes (of Downton Abbey fame), it chronicles New York during the time of the Gilded Age, with the Astors, Rockefellers and Vanderbilts running the show.  It starts out slowly, but the acting improved and the plots were fun.  I was absolutely entertained by seeing locations from Newport, especially from the Breakers, the Vanderbilt estate.  It was lovely to see the tennis courts on Bellevue Avenue, the staircases and the ballrooms of the mansions.  I’ve toured these homes many, many times and never get tired of taking people to see them.  I’ve been known to go by myself, just for fun.

Oh–and the costumes on this show are gorgeous!

Netflix:  Rescued by Ruby.  This based-on-a-true-story-in-Rhode-Island film is definitely one for everyone in the family.  It’s a sweet story of a rescue dog who was herself rescued from a shelter and trained to be a search & rescue dog with the RI State Police K-9 program.  There have been a number of interviews on local radio with the “real” people of the story and the story is actually pretty accurate.  The characters are true to life.  There is a documentary, which was what the movie was based upon.  Ruby is still working in the K-9 Unit with her handler Daniel O’Neill.

Netflix:  After Life.  A Ricky Gervais creation, it’s a three-season series about a man grieving for his wife and trying to cope.  Another “dark comedy”, it’s one I avoided for a few years due to the wife dying of breast cancer and who needs that?  But once again the characters are brilliant and we love this show so much we binged an entire season Saturday night.

Netflix:  Power of the Dog.  Saving the worst for last, we think this is one to avoid.  We may have lasted for ten or fifteen minutes before switching it off, as the main character was so awful and the setting was so grim we just didn’t want this in our living room for another couple of hours.

Netflix’s description: “A domineering rancher responds with mocking cruelty when his brother brings home a new wife and her son, until the unexpected comes to pass.”

I read a ton of reviews on the film.  I wondered if we were the only two people on the planet who didn’t “get” it.  Had we watched so much “Seaside Hotel” and so many Danish police dramas that we couldn’t appreciate the beauty and genius of a grim Western?

The reviews I read were definitely mixed, with more people hating the film than those defending it.  But the ones who loved it really, really loved it.  One particular reviewer wrote that “only elite Netflix viewers” would appreciate the genius of this “homo-erotic thriller”.


I am definitely not an elite Netflix viewer.

Banjo Man and I don’t settle ourselves on the couch, malted milk balls and popcorn at the ready, and say, “Gee, I can’t wait to watch a new homo-erotic thriller tonight.  Pass the remote over here and let’s see what we can find!”

If you’ve seen it and loved it, please let me know why.  

So that’s it from the living room.  I’ve started adding shows to my Watchlist in anticipation of Banjo Man’s post-surgery recovery period.  Suggestions are welcome!



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4 Responses to what’s streaming on the big tv

  1. Ruth says:

    I know I’ve mentioned this before, but Kenny and I both highly recommend “Ghosts” – Thursday nights – I think on FOX. Very clever and funny. This week they’re having a Ghost Prom – to boost the morale of a new ghost who died with her boyfriend in a chain saw murder while they were making out in their car after their real-life prom. Let us know if you like it!

  2. Janou says:

    Totally agree with you, Kristine! I saw no reason for power of the dog! If I start a movie I usually always finish it regardless. I did finish this one because I wanted to see where it was going to go and why it was even made.
    I thoroughly enjoyed After Life! I also binged it! Thank you for your other recommendations!

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