home again and it feels so good

Yes, we are home from the hospital!

The folks at Yale-New Haven Hospital took excellent care of Banjo Man and “Suites” hotel where I stayed was absolutely wonderful.  The security officers who drove people like me back and forth between the hotel and the hospital were retired police officers and so, so nice.

“Nice” is always highly appreciated, especially during times of stress and worry.

There were many moments of kindness, too.  It’s definitely a requirement when it comes to working in that hospital or its affiliates.

Check out the room:

So…back to Banjo Man.  He was pretty wired on the drive home.  I think the pain pills and anesthesia were affecting him.  He kept dozing off and then telling me he’d dreamt I had hit a truck or swerved onto a dirt road.  He ate a chicken salad sandwich and drank two quarts of Gatorade.

Daughter Nancy was waiting for us, but it took some time to get him into bed and settled.  Nancy went to CVS to pick up prescriptions and supplies, while Banjo Man had all sorts of suggestions as to how to make things happen.


We knew he was exhausted and would crash if we could just get him into bed (he wanted to stay downstairs, in his “suite”).  Sure enough, he was asleep minutes after we turned off the lights.  He slept for more than four hours, woke up to take a pill and drink some Gatorade, then slept until 2:30 AM.

More pills, more drinks, a few more suggestions for me <g> and he was back in bed until 7 AM.

So today he is doing very, very well.  The visiting nurse came this morning.  She had advice and suggestions and warnings and encouragement for us.

Yes, there is pain.  Yes, it will end.  Yes, it will take some time.  We all know the drill, right?

I have made chicken soup, tapioca pudding and hard-boiled eggs.  I have baked sweet potatoes.  The key word is “bland”.  And in small servings.

Alas, Banjo Man is not a “small serving” kind of guy.

But we’re working on that, too.

No, no, no!!!!

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5 Responses to home again and it feels so good

  1. Ruth says:

    So glad you are home and safe.

  2. gjmatson@montana.com says:

    Kristine, thanks for the update with its encouraging news! We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a rapid recovery. We were in Lincoln last weekend for Judy Hutchins’ funeral. We spent some time with Fitchetts. They’re going to fly to Missoula in late July and we’re going to do some touristy things including a trip to Hope/Sandpoint, depending upon how Glen’s feeling and what your plans are. Tentatively, the week of July 24th is set aside for our adventures. There’s plenty to do even if a trip to Hope doesn’t fit in but of course we hope it does.

    Please relay best wishes to Banjo Man!

    -Gary Matson

  3. Cynthia Fitchett says:

    Sounds good! So glad things went well.

  4. Mary Perron says:

    I loved reading this. Can just see it all including your eye rolling as Banjo Man tries to help with suggestions. So glad Nurse Nancy and Nurse Kristine are in charge. Love you all.

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