i think it’s sunday

Actually, I had to sit here and take a few moments to figure out what day it is.


It has been a week since we went to New Haven for Monday’s surgery.

A lot has happened since then.  As  you know, Banjo Man came through surgery with flying colors and we arrived home early Tuesday evening.  Unfortunately on Wednesday afternoon he was in a lot of pain.  There were phone calls and texts, and between Angela, the visiting nurse and our surgeon Dr. Kim, we realized we had a problem.  Dr. Kim, the man in charge, decided that Glen should go to the ER because he most likely had an ileus.

What the hell is an ileus?

Maybe you already know.  We’d never heard of it, but it’s a complication that can happen after surgery:  the colon won’t wake up and…nothing happens.

So poor Banjo Man has been in the hospital, in pain, hooked up to IV’s and with a tube in his stomach, walking the halls, getting x-rays and CT scans, waiting for Something To Happen, since Wednesday night.

BUT he turned the corner (so to speak) on Saturday afternoon and has begun to feel better.  He was himself again–wide awake, chatty, informing me of the Jello flavors he preferred for next week’s meals, explaining how he wanted his blankets fixed.  You get the picture.  I couldn’t believe how alert he was.  The nose tube was gone (per Dr. Kim’s permission) and he was allowed to have tiny sips of water from a spoon.

Today he will be given some soft food and, if that goes well, tomorrow he should be able to come home.

And won’t that be wonderful!!

The hospital is 23 minutes from our house.  Yes, I timed it.  I’d never been there until this week, but it’s pretty nice.  Dr. Kim, who is 90 minutes away in New Haven, has been in contact with me and our small, local hospital (part of the huge Yale-New Haven hospital organization of which Dr. Kim is Chief of Urology).  He calls me two or three times a day to ask how Banjo Man is and/or to give me updates and reassurance.  And then yesterday he made a surprise visit to the hospital to make sure everyone on staff was following his express instructions for Banjo Man’s care and to see for himself how he was progressing.

It was impressive.  He is a lovely man.

So next week Banjo Man will be back on track, eating Jello and pudding and bone broth.  The catheter comes out on Tuesday, in New Haven.  Last week Dr. Kim told us that NO ONE should touch the catheter but him and we have obeyed, of course.

42 days before the lake.  We’ll celebrate then.

Want to know more about my hero, Dr. Kim?





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4 Responses to i think it’s sunday

  1. Ruth says:

    Wow! Your doctor came to Westerly to see Banjo Man!!! That is so great. And a great relief to hear our dear friend is doing better! Can’t wait to see you both again.

  2. Gary Matson says:

    So sorry for that complication; the improvement’s great news. Lake time’s right around the corner!

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