looking at the last straw

I am having a hard time this morning.  We are two weeks away from heading to the lake and leaving behind the Winter of Bad Things.

But the hits keep coming.  Not medically, thank God, but to our shock our beloved Toyota Highlander didn’t pass its state inspection yesterday.

Our beautiful, reliable, beloved Highlander has rusted out from underneath and I am very, very sad.  There is nothing else wrong with it.

Damn Toyota and their rust issues!  Years ago I lost my wonderful truck to rust and Toyota’s buy-back program.  That was awful.  We’ve managed just fine with one car pretty much ever since, even though most people think it’s a bit odd.

We loved traveling in that Highlander.

Is there anything better than a road trip?

Here is Banjo Man inspecting the car the afternoon we bought it.  We were so excited when we saw it.

My Happy Place, when the car was “new”.  It had heated seats.  I was in love.

There is another Highlander at the lake.  It should be safe from New England rust there, we hope.

When we return to Rhode Island in the fall, we’ll rent a car and start shopping.

So… we limp to the Finish Line (aka The Lake) without a car for the next fourteen days.  Daughter Nancy will be getting us through the last appointments, trips to the Post Office and anything else that needs to be done before we escape to the mountains, before I sit on the dock with a tequila cocktail and watch the fish jump.

It’s all very stressful.  And I am at the point where cutting up fabric and watching endless episodes of TIME TEAM won’t help.  I’m ready to go to bed with a bag or two of Milano cookies and a box of tissues.

I’m done.


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8 Responses to looking at the last straw

  1. Cynthia Fitchett says:

    Oh boy! What next? Glad you have a daughter to help out. We are looking forward to seeing you this summer!

  2. Gary Matson says:

    If you could drive that wonderful car, with its heated seats, to Montana you could probably sell it here for big bucks. Judging from the look of many of our local vehicles our state DOT doesn’t ever inspect anything.

  3. Marjorie Fridrich says:


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  4. Tom F says:

    Kind of reminds me of a 1939 Ford Coupe that made the trip from Lincoln oh so many years ago.

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