what a crock!

Banjo Man is decorating his cabin and asked me to find him a…crock.

Why, you ask?

For his kitchen utensils. As in, the pancake spatula.

Remember these?

Last Thursday I made a quick stop at an antique store/mall next to the Pie Hut. It has tons of stuff and usually requires more than the ten minutes I had allotted for the task.

Here were the candidates. I texted their pictures to Banjo Man. He is not completely I-phone-trained yet–and may never be–so it was not a smooth process. I ended up describing each one and we agreed we liked the brown pitcher best.

Unfortunately I looked at the wrong price tag and thought it was for sale for $8.95. The nice lady at the register declared it was $32.95.


So this Pitcher To Hold The Pancake Spatula turned into Banjo Man’s birthday present. He’s thrilled. He built a shelf for it. The Funny Grandson painted the special vintage brackets to hold up the shelves.

There will be pancakes.

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