it’s back!

My computer has been in the repair shop, but it now home once again. Its slowness and freezing up have been issues since I arrived here at the lake. It’s my “summer laptop” and I like not having to cart stuff a laptop in my carry on bag when I fly back and forth.

So…it is summer. The sun arrived at last!

The Funny Grandson does this about 100 times a day.

Banjo Man thinks about his cabin 100 times a day and heads up there every chance he gets.

And son Will would tell you he spends 100 hours a day studying and completing assignments for his grad course on teaching Social Studies.

I am not so ambitious.

I do think about food a lot. Buying it. Defrosting it. Cooking it. It’s the exact opposite of winters in Rhode Island and makes a nice change from eating the same crock pot stew for three days.

Last night I grilled marinated chicken breasts, asparagus and sweet mini peppers. There may have been swooning.

And the Peach Man had peaches yesterday! Be still my heart. Yesterday was a marthon day in town, with grocery shopping, the Peach Man, picking up the laptop, having an eye exam, and concluding with music at Retired Mountain Lady’s house back home.

Today we are all eating peaches as if we have never tasted any before. A feast!

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1 Response to it’s back!

  1. Cynthia Fitchett says:

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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