the cabin reveal

The long-awaited visit from Banjo Man’s Nebraska-born friends finally happened Thursday morning.

Enjoying a snack of peaches, cheese, crackers and peach wine.

I heard a rumor that the new out house was used three times.

We had a great two days of visiting and eating and laughing and eating and sharing stories and eating.

Speaking of eating…

Can you tell that the pasta is in the shape of an “N”? I’ve been saving this bag of Nebraska pasta for just the right occasion and Wednesday night’s dinner of ribs, coleslow, green chile rice and ice cream was the perfect time for this specially-themed pasta salad.

I’ll have more pictures when Tom shares them (hint, hint).

In the meantime, our days are a bit too quiet now. We’re experiencing 100 degree temps and spending a lot more time down on the beach, in the shade, enjoying the warm water and the breeze.

The Funny Grandson is making the most of his last days here at the lake and son Will is holed up studying and doing projects for his grad class on teaching social studies. We see him at breakfast and then later on in the evening for ice cream and games before bed.

The Born-in-Nebraskans are making their way north, to Glacier Park and Great Falls, but we hope to see them again when we head east in the fall.

Tomorrow is Banjo Man’s birthday, but I suspect he had his “real” party Thursday night.


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2 Responses to the cabin reveal

  1. Gary Matson says:

    Extra special times with you guys – celebrating old stories and looking forward to many more new ones!

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