the beautiful colors of september

Dahlias, a pumpkin, an anniversary card and a new tablecloth all make me love this month.

And then there is this, another sign of fall:

Yesterday was the day to haul the bags of frozen apricots from the freezer and turn them into jam.

I have already canned a lot of peaches so I am done with “putting up food” now. We will be taking some home with us, but the bulk of the fruit will be stored for next summer’s meals and desserts.

From the window is the view of a very quiet lake. I try to go down to the beach for an hour or two each day, just to walk along the water’s edge, look for arrowheads, watch for eagles and enjoy the lovely calm that comes from the sound of waves.

It doesn’t get any more peaceful than this. I’m soaking it up!

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1 Response to the beautiful colors of september

  1. Marjorie Fridrich says:

    My favorite.

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