cabinfest 2022

Cougar Creek Band knows how to put on a party.

Joe, one of our younger members, had the brilliant idea to reunite the band up at Banjo Man’s newly-finished (after more than three years of renovations, repairs and finish work) 50-year old cabin up on the mountain.

We hadn’t played together in four years. Where did the time go?

It would be a potluck. Bring your own everything. The cabin has no plumbing and no electricity, but it does have a new outhouse.

Banjo Man hoping he can remember the words to his signature song, “Whenever You’re Lonesome”.
Me and Dancing Mandolin Player enjoying the sun on the porch.
His joy knew no bounds.
Bruce, Retired Mountain Lady and DMP

My heart was full.

Retired Mountain Lady has a lot more photos on her blog. Grab another cup of coffee and head on over there to read more about one of the best days of the summer!

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1 Response to cabinfest 2022

  1. Gary Matson says:

    Special people, special times…

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