a little bit of sewing

This is a “poker” pillowcase for the Funny Grandson. A highlight of his summer was camping at the cabin and learning to play poker with his father, uncle and grandfather.

I took him into the local quilt store to show him “where quilts come from”, since I have made him quite a few of them. He roamed up and down every aisle, checked out every fabric on display and announced he would like a “poker quilt”.

Instead he’s getting a pillowcase.

And I added some moose.

My Christmas gift-making is finished, so I pulled out this top from the closet shelf to machine quilt. But first it had to be basted on the kitchen island.

It’s a riotous celebration of blues and all things floral.

This is a pattern from Kaffe Fasset that I have loved for a long time, so long ago that I couldn’t afford to buy the book it was in and would have to go to Barnes & Noble to take notes. That was before taking pictures on cell phones, so I drew diagrams, too.

Daughter Nancy gives me the newest Kaffe Fasset book each year for my birthday. I can’t wait to see what beautiful ideas await!

$34.95 in 2001.

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