how to ignore winter

We’ve had very little snow, but the fog and rain make for a gray winter.  It’s January and I’m counting down the days until April.

What are you doing to get through the weeks until Spring?

I am taking violin lessons again, which I like.  My world needs more music…and my brain needs the challenge of learning the notes again.  My new teacher is used to teaching very young children, so we are not quite on the same wavelength.  But I keep hoping it will get better.  At least I am practicing again, which was the reason for taking lessons.

And of course there is this:

A thank-you quilt for Will’s teacher/mentor at his new elementary school.  Her favorite color is purple.

Putting gray blocks on the design board with Nancy.

And then there is the “vintage block quilt” in progress, a gift for someone who loves antiques and has a new home.

One block finished, nineteen more to go.  The fabric strips are all cut and ready to be stitched together.

I’d like to empty more storage bins, sell more “stuff” on Ebay, clean out a closet or two, but honestly?  Lately it feels like my two biggest daily accomplishments are getting dressed and making dinner.

And so goes January…




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2 Responses to how to ignore winter

  1. Marge Fridrich says:

    Such a cute photo of Nancy.
    Like the design board idea.
    The purple will be a knockout! Show me before you give it away.
    The dreary really bothers Ken so we are going to Sili’s CA home for a couple of months. I hate to leave all I have to do here after being rather out of commission for 4 months. It won’t be hot but the sun will shine most of the time-hopefully.

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