uh oh

What is wrong with this picture?  Take a wild guess.

Yes, no sewing machine.

It has been a rough week with my fancy-schmancy machine.  I had three rows (out of 11) left to free-motion quilt on the purple quilt (to be sent to Texas next week) when the tension went wonky and I used every trick in the book to “fix” it well enough to finish the project.

The bobbins wound mushy and messy.  The stitches were very much less-than-perfect.  Ugly, even, if you looked closely.

Banjo Man assures me that no one will know that the stitches aren’t perfect, but I’ll know.  I wanted this to be beautiful, a special gift for Will’s mentor.  I am really, really disappointed.

So yesterday I drove up to the city to take it to the dealer where they also service the machines they sell.  They won’t be able to get to it for at least three weeks, which is okay.

So…life goes on, despite how aggravated I am.

I will spend the next five evenings stitching down the binding and attaching the label before I can pronounce the purple quilt finished.

I won’t miss my sewing machine.  The last few days of dealing with its issues have made it easy to step away from making quilts and move on to other things.  Like taxes.  Cooking.  Violin practice.  Checking in with friends who, after two months of being ill, are feeling well enough to say hi.

We’re having some kind of wind/rain/snow/sleet “weather event” this morning.  Hopefully it’s the last one!

Before things went wrong.

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1 Response to uh oh

  1. Ruth says:

    I feel your frustration my friend. Hopefully your machine will be good as new.

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