a pepe pizza party

He ordered the Large.

Yesterday we celebrated the 37th—and LAST–session of radiation.  Banjo Man made it through this with his only side effect being tired.  His doctor beamed as they said goodbye.

Can you tell how happy Banjo Man is that this over?

A few weeks ago an article popped up on my computer screen (you know what I mean–the internet never stops surprising me with pop ups) from http://www.travel.com listing the 50 Best Pizzas In The World.  “Frank Pepe”, which began in  Connecticut in 1925, was listed as #5.  Who knew?  Only a few miles from the cancer center and across the street from Savers, my weekly donation drop off spot, it was easy to find.

We did not order the white clam pizza, by the way.

I surprised my husband with a can of his very own Frank Pepe tomatoes (after lunch he returned to the car while I stayed behind and went to the ladies room).  There’s a new Greek vegetarian recipe he wants to try this weekend and he’s sure these tomatoes will make it taste even more flavorful.

I’ve urged him to take today off and stay out of his office until Monday.  Let the dust settle.   Eat leftover pizza.  Read.  Go to the dump, buy some oranges, watch a little television.

Will he take my advice?  I hope so!

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6 Responses to a pepe pizza party

  1. Ruth says:

    I hope so too!!! And best wishes, Banjo Man…so glad that ordeal is over.

  2. Ellie says:

    We will dance and sing to your arrival back in Hope! So happy all went well! The cabin is calling to you, Glen and the lake is calling Kristine! It’s time! It’s time! Love to you both!

  3. TomF says:

    Congrats Glen for completing the last leg! Better split the can of tomatoes into several meals, wouldn’t want you to get a tummy ache.

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