post-mississippi notes from home

We celebrated daughter Nancy’s birthday last week.

Dinner at our favorite local restaurant, followed by dessert and presents back at the house.

I think I’m keeping this one. The cornerstones are dark blue and I will quilt around the flowers in the center medallion.

Banjo Man is working A LOT as the clock ticks down to our departure. The 2023 road trip looms large and we are excited.  In order to stay out of his way and to contain my own insane excitement, I started machine quilting this quilt top yesterday.

I pinned it on the island first thing in the morning, then took it to my newly-repaired sewing machine.  I picked up the machine on Tuesday, thank goodness, because 4 1/2 weeks without having anything to do was very, very hard.  And a bit boring.

After hearing my frustration a friend recently asked, “Can’t you just sit on the couch and read a book?”

Good question. Answer? Not really.

I like to keep busy.

Unless I’m at the lake sitting on the dock.

Not a project in sight.


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2 Responses to post-mississippi notes from home

  1. Ruth says:

    Love that view girlfriend! I’m so happy for you and Banjo Man that you’ll soon be there.

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