first stop: hyde park

Can you tell that Banjo Man is having a good time?

This is not our room at the Marriott. Quien Elizabeth II stayed here in 1953.

Visiting here was great fun, especially since the other tourists were teenagers on a field trip. I happened to be in the War Room when a teacher was explaining those strange black things on the desks. In other words, telephones.

That led to describing phone books.

Very funny!

FDR’s desk:

We are in Fremont, Indiana tonight. Our visit to Detroit was sadly cancelled due to Banjo Man’ s friend being ill, so we continued on I-80 for another couple of hours.

More tomorrow….

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1 Response to first stop: hyde park

  1. Ruth says:

    So sad about Banjo Man’s friend but very happy about Hyde Park…very interesting.

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