another day, another president

Last night we decided to get up this morning and waste no time heading to Iowa.

What is in Iowa, you ask?

Herbert Hoover’s birthplace and Presidential library and museum.

His two-room childhood home:

We learned that Hoover was a genius at organizing enormous projects. An impressive human being any way you look at it.

I was glad to get out of Fremont, Indiana. We had been there years before. I’d spent all night finishing a manuscript that absolutely had to be emailed to an impatient editor by 10 AM.

That is not a good memory.

Last night’s hotel was awful, despite its good reviews. I bought my first cup of coffee at a nearby gas station. And we hit the road.

Tonight we are in a much fancier hotel in Coralville, Iowa. It’s actually gorgeous, a suite with a living room area, giant bathroom and walk in closet. I want to stay here for a week.

But we are heading north tomorrow. Only it is going to snow all day along our original route.

Maybe we will stay here after all. Or find a different route.

Meanwhile look who is basking in the glow of US History:

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2 Responses to another day, another president

  1. Marge Fridrich says:

    Love that photo.
    Where was it taken?

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