and we keep moving’ on

Someone left a sock outside our hotel room door. It was still there the next morning when I returned from the breakfast room, thank goodness, because I had forgotten my room number.

I was relieved to see it. My own Hansel and Gretel moment.

This morning I am sockless in yet another breakfast room at 6 AM. Banjo Man is asleep and I managed to dress in the dark and tiptoe out of the room without waking him. I could find everything but my socks.

Saturday night’s hotel in Coralville, Iowa, would have never had a random sock on the floor. I’m glad we splurged a bit and tried a Springhill Inn & Suites.

Yesterday was an odd day. We woke to 34 degree temps and a whole lot of wind. All of a sudden it was winter with snow forecast in exactly the direction we had planned to drive. So we headed west instead of north, battling snow flurries, rain and gusting winds.

We would have one more chance to turn north to South Dakota and skirt the western edge of the snowstorm in a few hours.

When it was my turn to drive, my husband immediately fell asleep and, after over an hour of rain and wind (like riding a half-tame horse for 100 miles) I made the solo decision to keep heading west into Nebraska and crossed into the state (where the skies were brightening up a bit).

And here is where I apologize to our Nebraskan loved ones and friends for not stopping to say hello. You would have had very short notice and, while I do love company, I need a substantial heads up to get ready.

I assume you do, too. And there are days when people don’t want to be visited? Like Banjo Man’s friend in Detroit.

So we are in Grand Island, Nebraska. This is the home of my favorite quilt store and it opens at nine. I have promised myself to only buy a little bit of fabric and only if I can’t bear to live without it. My friend Pat emailed last night to insist that this “was no time to be frugal” and I should buy anything and everything that caught my fancy.

Banjo Man is getting even by insisting we go to yet another museum this morning before we jump back on the interstate.

He may also have hinted that I have too much fabric, but he was vague enough to keep from getting in trouble. Even if he was right.

We don’t know where we will be tonight, which is a relaxing way to travel. But we are moving surprisingly fast and could be at the lake THURSDAY!!!!!

And we will be ready to pafty!

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2 Responses to and we keep moving’ on

  1. Ruth says:

    I’m all in with your friend Pat. Life is short…buy the fabric! Stay safe dear friends.

  2. Tom F says:

    You could call this adventure “The Saga of the Lost Sock”

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