the remission road trip picks up speed

I learned nothing today. And I’m happy about that because (a) I have overdosed on museums and (b) this meant we drove 424 miles today, stopping only for gas and snacks.

I do so enjoy my 2:30 PM gas station cappuccino.

We are tucked in bed at the Fairfield Inn in Sheridan, Wyoming tonight. On the road since 7, we plan another early start tomorrow.

Check out Wyoming.

Remnants of snow drifts.

I did spend a joyful 30 minutes at the Material Girl fabric store in Grand Island yesterday. Banjo Man chatted with the owners about his Gees Bend Retreat experience and impressed them no end.

And then we visited the nearby Sturh Museum, which Banjo Man said he’d wanted to see his whole life.

Probably highly exaggerated, but he was excited, despite the gaggle of angry, honking, agitated, pooping geese at the entrance to a very beautiful building. Inside were elegant displays of life in early Grand Island and the surrounding county.

Do you know what this is?

I do, because this was one of my first jobs. What was I, you ask? A telephone operator. I worked a switchboard just like this one.

It is now in a museum. I AM OLD.

More things to see:

Pretty incredible.

We ate a real dinner tonight, driving through town to the Wyoming Rib & Chop House. Banjo Man had ribs. I splurged on a tenderloin. It was really, really good. I actually cleaned my plate, which only happens once every Leap Year.

This is our silly selfie at the Sturh museum. We were in front of a windmill, in case you’re wondering. After this was taken, Banjo Man managed to avoid me for the next hour, until it was time to brave the angry geese and flee to the safety of the car.

I think we have about 670 miles to go, with not another museum in sight…….

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2 Responses to the remission road trip picks up speed

  1. Ruth says:

    Hi travelers…as a child living on Jamestown Island less than a block from my house was the Ma Bell telephone office. In summer the side door was open and I could see the “operators” working. If I wanted to call my aunt I’d pick upnthe phone and say “70 please”!!!! Oh those were the days!!!!

  2. Gary Matson says:

    No museums in sight… hah! Not to miss – the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, home of spectacular dinosaur skeletons.

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