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life in the time of the virus

I feel very fortunate to live in the country. We have plenty of toilet paper (I am one of those people who always had extra even though members of my family thought it was extreme).  We also have tons of … Continue reading

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in search of the sound

This morning Banjo Man popped into my office and said, “You have to come listen to the ocean!” Our house is a five-minute drive from the beach and there are times when the wind whips up the sound of crashing … Continue reading

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birthday wishes to nebraska

Happy Birthday to you, Nancy! To celebrate I dug through my photos and found a picture of our trip to Greece in 2005 (where did those 15 years go?????). You haven’t changed a bit.  How do you do that??? We … Continue reading

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splish splash

I’ve been quiet because I’ve had nothing very interesting to write about. Sorry about that. I’m going to the YMCA four mornings a week (Monday-Thursday and sometimes on Friday) to the water aerobics classes.  I’m out the door by 8:15, … Continue reading

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chasing the edge

#1 Son Ben has released his first cd! This has been a lifelong dream and a labor of love. We are so proud. You can go to You Tube’s music channel and search for “Ben Rolofson” to preview the songs. … Continue reading

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meet the parents

Meet “The Squatleys”, otherwise known as my parents, Don and Ottis.  My father, someone always ready for a laugh–and a good time with the family– is dressed as Mrs. Squatley. I invented the Squatley Dinner one Father’s Day.  We had … Continue reading

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swimming into spring

Believe it or not, my life now centers around the pool at the local YMCA.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Barbara and I have staggered across the YMCA parking lot many times this month to try out the different water … Continue reading

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what a good idea

Banjo Man is flying to Nebraska tomorrow to join his brother George for a weekend of Hall of Fame celebrations at their high school. Doesn’t that sound like a good time?!!!   Go Rockets!!! George was quite an athlete back then. … Continue reading

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so, about yesterday…

Just in case you’re under the mistaken impression that I am calm and brave in the midst of all this cancer crap, I’m going to tell you about yesterday. Angela had texted me on Thursday that she would hound the … Continue reading

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the best news

No cancer!   That’s the word from Angela this morning.  The pathologist is double-checking and there won’t be a full report until Tuesday, but the word now is:  no cancer. My surgeon called to make sure I’d received the news.  She … Continue reading

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