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the kids are coming

These bars are always a big hit with my oldest son and the Funny Grandson. 5 Cups of Cheerios are mixed with a melted-in-the-microwave mixture of a bag of mini marshmallows, 3 TBS butter and 1/2 cup of peanut butter. … Continue reading

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ready for the apocalypse

A few weeks ago Dancing Mandolin Player asked a bunch of us if we would want to go to a Dutch Oven Cooking Class. Of course we said yes.  Gardens had been planted.  Company not arriving yet.  Summer weather was … Continue reading

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memorial day, 2021

This flag hung over a Marine base in the Philippines, where my father served as a medic, during World War II. It is now on display at the World War II museum in New Orleans, LA. Rest in peace. Donald … Continue reading

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history nerds

That’s what we are. WARTIME FARM is a reality series on Amazon Prime Acorn (which costs extra per month but if you love British shows it’s entirely worth it) about life in the English countryside during World War II. Ruth … Continue reading

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baking oldies and goodies

Ben, my oldest son, loves Snickerdoodles. Sadly I stopped baking cookies when I started writing books. It was an “either/or” thing. So I decided to bake these cookies for him (he’ll be here at the lake in about a month) … Continue reading

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our new little friend

Pardon my finger. Here is the Beast. Welcome, Beast. Have you experienced the shortages in lumber, building supplies, caulk, generators, etc. in the country right now? Banjo Man sawa a different generator in a store in town and came home … Continue reading

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I went to my very first yoga class Monday night. I think I survived it, but I’m not quite sure. It was the easiest yoga class in the history of yoga, billed as a Beginner Yoga workshop for three Mondays … Continue reading

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lake treasures

Check out that beautiful round ball.  And the rock that looks like a leather ear.  And the perfect “skipper” for Banjo Man. As my mother would say, there’s “no rhyme or reason” to my choices.  She said that to me … Continue reading

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happy day to all of you ladies out there

And best card ever!!!!

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mother’s day, past and present, in 2021

I went to town this morning and, boy, was it busy in the grocery stores!  And you know what that meant:  people were getting together with their families to celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow.  Families will be together again! Be still … Continue reading

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