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miles: 2992

Yes, we are here at the lake. Thursday at 12:30 we pulled up in front of the house. We were very, very happy to have arrived. Rick the Gas Technician was waiting for us, as there was in issue lighting … Continue reading

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the remission road trip picks up speed

I learned nothing today. And I’m happy about that because (a) I have overdosed on museums and (b) this meant we drove 424 miles today, stopping only for gas and snacks. I do so enjoy my 2:30 PM gas station … Continue reading

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and we keep moving’ on

Someone left a sock outside our hotel room door. It was still there the next morning when I returned from the breakfast room, thank goodness, because I had forgotten my room number. I was relieved to see it. My own … Continue reading

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another day, another president

Last night we decided to get up this morning and waste no time heading to Iowa. What is in Iowa, you ask? Herbert Hoover’s birthplace and Presidential library and museum. His two-room childhood home: We learned that Hoover was a … Continue reading

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first stop: hyde park

Can you tell that Banjo Man is having a good time? This is not our room at the Marriott. Quien Elizabeth II stayed here in 1953. Visiting here was great fun, especially since the other tourists were teenagers on a … Continue reading

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heading to hyde

We made it to Poughkeepsie, New York yesterday. A three hour drive turned into four hours, due to trucks and traffic and more traffic. I started wondering if we were doing the right thing by driving ourselves to the lake. … Continue reading

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packing it all in

I wanted to take a picture of the back of the car, as it is loaded with Banjo Man’s “stuff for the cabin”, but I am under strict orders not to open the back door. This load of “treasures” is … Continue reading

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am i an old bag?

A few weeks ago I went to TJMaxx, but I can’t remember why.  Banjo Man thought he might need shorts for our Mississippi trip, so maybe that was the reason. Near the door I spotted this: Whoa! The perfect bag … Continue reading

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post-mississippi notes from home

We celebrated daughter Nancy’s birthday last week. Dinner at our favorite local restaurant, followed by dessert and presents back at the house. Banjo Man is working A LOT as the clock ticks down to our departure. The 2023 road trip … Continue reading

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unforgettable, part 3

Sunday morning an obliging fellow quilter from New York gave us a ride to Jackson and dropped us off at our historic boutique hotel,  The Old Capital Inn.  Small and elegant, with a courtyard, it reminded us of the French … Continue reading

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