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home again and it feels so good

Yes, we are home from the hospital! The folks at Yale-New Haven Hospital took excellent care of Banjo Man and “Suites” hotel where I stayed was absolutely wonderful.  The security officers who drove people like me back and forth between … Continue reading

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banjo man is doing well

The operation went off without a hitch and without any surprises. The doctor was pleased and saw no obviously cancerous lymph nodes. He was taken to the operating room at 7:30 and returned to the recovery room at 1:30. By … Continue reading

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getting ready on easter 2022

First of all, let me wish you a Happy Easter.  I hope there is chocolate.  Ham.  Beans.  Pie.  Jelly beans! And a lovely new pair of white ankle socks with lace around the cuff (if you were a child of … Continue reading

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it’s finished!

And so a two-year saga comes to an end.  Water damage from (a) outside storm pipes not draining properly and (b) the upstairs neighbor’s leaking pipe led to the destruction of walls, the floor and two cabinets in our little … Continue reading

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little again

Good morning. Son Will texted this song to me yesterday.  I wanted to share.  It seemed especially poignant this week, as the walls close in and we worry about the upcoming surgery and the road ahead. There are times when … Continue reading

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fugitive on the loose

There’s nothing like a police chase to make for an interesting day. Banjo Man says that makes me sound crazy.  I’m sorry if it does, BUT I am tired of cleaning, of sewing, of cooking, of British history, of worrying … Continue reading

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hunting tapioca

Have you made tapioca pudding lately?  If so, where did you find the box of Kraft tapioca (aside from the back of a shelf in your kitchen)? Hint:  nowhere. Two weeks ago I desperately needed tapioca.  My friend Harley Chick … Continue reading

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if i had a dog

Yes, if I had a dog I would teach him to carry fabric on his head.  And then I would laugh and laugh and give him smelly bacon treats. And then I would cut up those fabrics and put them … Continue reading

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what’s streaming on the big tv

HBO Max:  Somebody Somewhere, described as a “dark comedy” about a woman in Kansas finding her voice and finding a community while dealing with grief. I am not making this sound like the wonderful show it is.  The characters are … Continue reading

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before, during and after

Here’s a picture of The Tree a few winters ago. Then there was this, as I’m sure you remember from my many posts whining about it: Two weeks ago, before the crew came to remove the branches, one by one.  … Continue reading

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