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summer of the waffle cone

This has become our go-to evening snack while playing Mexican Train dominoes and/or poker. Yes, poker. We have chips. We have cards. We have a total inability to keep a straight face. Lest you think we are not eating healthy … Continue reading

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what a crock!

Banjo Man is decorating his cabin and asked me to find him a…crock. Why, you ask? For his kitchen utensils. As in, the pancake spatula. Remember these? Last Thursday I made a quick stop at an antique store/mall next to … Continue reading

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it’s back!

My computer has been in the repair shop, but it now home once again. Its slowness and freezing up have been issues since I arrived here at the lake. It’s my “summer laptop” and I like not having to cart … Continue reading

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breakfast at the cabin

Banjo Man declared they were the best pancakes of his life. Here’s his kitchen: Are we all filled with envy? I personally covet the beach-towel counter top.

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cabin joy

Yesterday afternoon three generations of fearless mountain men headed up to the cabin for a night of mayhem…well, cards and snacks and stories. It was the Funny Grandson’s first camping experience. He was not impressed with his grandfather’s idea of … Continue reading

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parade morning 2022

And then the thunderstorm hit.  We made it home while watching the lightning, then  waited out the weather so the guys could return to watch the sawing contests. And later?  It was 56 degrees, but we were ready for the … Continue reading

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seen on the library’s bulletin board

This looks like a pretty good time, don’t you think? And then there’s this event at the Community Center, which look likes great fun. I’m afraid the Funny Grandson is too old, though. How about a place to live?  I’m … Continue reading

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When the Funny Grandson arrives at the lake there are certain traditions that are upheld no matter what the weather. First of all, he scrambles into his bathing suit, runs down the hill to the dock and jumps in the … Continue reading

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we are here

You can see by the grocery lists that I have been busy. I have filled the Idaho freezers and refrigerators with enough food for the apocalypse. I managed to make two shepherd’s pies and four lasagnas before the dreaded Covid … Continue reading

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long live the queen

Every morning I check a website to see if the Queen of England is still alive. I can’t help myself.  My love of British history makes me do it. I saw her once, in person, and I have the lousy … Continue reading

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