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a little fabric therapy

I have been sitting in front of my “special fabric” cupboard this morning staring at the fabric. I really need to cut something up. It’s a stress reliever, believe me. Give me some freshly ironed fabric and a rotary cutter, … Continue reading

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mother’s day 2019

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers out there! We deserve a happy day with lots of time to relax. I hope you are planning something peaceful. Banjo Man, our daughter Nancy, my mother and I are heading to … Continue reading

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rest in peace, old friend

I’ve debated all morning–and yesterday, too–about how to write this. If to write this. But our grief is heavy. I can’t blithely blog about Newport and lobsters and our broken stove while I’m crying. Banjo Man and I are hurting … Continue reading

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the turkey field

See this ugly field? That’s what I call it. The Ugly Field. It has been occupied by dozens upon dozens of turkeys this month. Every time I would drive by–on my way to Home Depot–I would be tempted to stop … Continue reading

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highs and lows and klondike bars

It has been an interesting week here in the Land of the Remodel. In the seven weeks since this project began, Banjo Man and I have consoled ourselves at night by eating Klondike bars, those chocolate-covered squares of vanilla ice … Continue reading

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a little update

Pardon my excitement, but I just had to share. Nelson wouldn’t let me take his picture, so I had to settle for the tile. Lots of thunder and lightning this morning. The crashing sound of disaster woke me at 5 … Continue reading

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at least there’s this

Look at me, fancy kitchen person that I am. I now have a Keurig that matches my new counter. Of course, everything else is a mess and I will have to remove this tonight before the crew returns early tomorrow … Continue reading

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the busiest day

Yesterday Banjo Man woke me at 6:30 yelling, “Get up! The counter guy is here!” I didn’t think so. He comes from an hour and a half away, in Massachusetts. But I staggered out of bed and found my robe … Continue reading

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and week six begins

See the white bookcase? It’s 30 years old and has served me well. But now it’s history. For my own amusement I often ask Banjo Man, “Would you mind throwing this in the dumpster?” I say it with a straight … Continue reading

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be still my heart, he’s back!

Jeremy Wade has been off television for two years and…he’s returning with a new show!!! I had no idea this was happening. Banjo Man was trying to cheer me up this past weekend and discovered reruns of “River Monsters” on … Continue reading

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