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back home and ready for 2023

Yesterday we departed Austin at 6:15 AM and shortly after take-off we saw the gorgeous ruby colors of sunrise from the windows.  And landing in Rhode Island over twelve hours later we admired the sunset (pictured here). Compared to the … Continue reading

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christmases past

This popped up on YouTube and I want to share this rendition of “I Heard the Bells” with you all. The pictures of the Civil War battles reminded me of my great-great-grandfather, William Henry Winslow, who died in December, 1862, … Continue reading

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holiday banjo?

I pray that Banjo Man doesn’t see this and be inspired to start practicing again.

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love me some cello

We’re traveling today, heading to Austin to get the Christmas party started at last. Gifts are tucked into suitcases, as are warm clothes. Texas is cold right now! I hope you enjoy this video. Because this cellist enjoys the outdoors … Continue reading

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a little christmas

I was killing time at a gift shop while Banjo Man was being prepped for his radiation treatments.  Despite telling myself I was not going to buy anything, I couldn’t resist this tiny ceramic tree.  Five inches high, it adds … Continue reading

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swallowed a what????

What’s a radiology appointment without lunch at Cracker Barrel? I speak from experience.  Thursday’s special is the Roast Turkey dinner. Just sayin’. Wednesday morning we drove 35 minutes north to discuss the next step in Banjo Man’s treatments.  He was … Continue reading

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yes, we have no bananas

This is what was outside yesterday morning. And this was what was inside: What was I baking, you ask? Here’s a hint.This was one of two bowls of frozen bananas dug out of the freezer by an incredulous husband. I … Continue reading

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birthday moon over the ocean

When you want to celebrate your birthday, go big!  Here we are at the Breakers, the largest mansion in Newport. But first?  Food.  La Forge was decorated beautifully and our lunch was delicious. And then we drove further down Bellevue … Continue reading

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going to the Gilded Age

Today is my birthday and I am happily ensconced in front of the computer with hot coffee and a muffin purchased yesterday from the local gas station.  I’m wearing my super comfy not-for-going-out-of-the-house warmest clothes.  The sun is shining.  Life … Continue reading

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to prove i’m not a scrooge

I do like Christmas trees. I really do. But now that it’s just the two of us, hauling tubs of ornaments upstairs and unpacking ornaments seems a little…exhausting.  Especially since we’re spending the holidays in Texas. I have lovely memories … Continue reading

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