where’s the hole?



Yes, this is a photo of a roll of toilet paper.  Maybe I’m the only one who hasn’t seen this eco-friendly or budget-friendly or something-friendly innovation in toilet paper, but just in case you don’t know about it, here it is.

You push the center tube out.


And voila!


As Will explained, “Now you have a small roll of toilet paper to take with you.”

Me:  Take with you where?

Will:  Camping.

Camping?  They’ve reinvented toilet paper so people can more easily take toilet paper with them???

I don’t think so.  But maybe there are more campers in the world than I realize.



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hurry up and wait

“Hurry up and wait” was the theme of our travel experience this Christmas.  From being delayed by a contractor’s visit and rushing to the airport last week only to find out the flight was delayed to yesterday’s issue with our cab not showing up to take us to the Austin airport and then, after son Will raced from work to pick us up at the condo, we arrived at the Southwest counter to discover our flight was delayed.  By almost two hours.

Hurrying off the plane in Baltimore we discovered we did not have to worry about racing to our flight to Providence, because it was delayed two hours, until 1 AM.

Oh, my.

We were relieved that we would be heading home eventually and not spending the night in a hotel by the airport.

The only place serving food was McDonalds.  And after a long day in an airport stuffed with storm-delayed, hungry travelers, McD’s was down to a midnight menu of three kinds of sandwiches, with fries.

Honestly?  We didn’t care.  We ate what we were given and were grateful to have it.

Arriving in Providence at 2:30 or so, we discovered it was only 51 degrees out.  So much better than our previous arrivals of 8 degrees and wind chill.  The parking lot shuttle arrived, the car started right up and we were home by 4 AM.

Bed never felt so good.

I slept until 12:30 and, though I fully intend to shower and dress, I still haven’t managed to accomplish that.  It’s almost 4 PM now and I’m tempted not to bother.  But don’t tell anybody.

This has nothing to do with our flights home, but here’s a photo our waitress took of us at the Saxon Pub Wednesday night.  We bought tickets to hear Johnny Nicholas and it was a great show.  Pay no attention to those empty margarita glasses.


Oh, I can’t forget to show you what I saw at the airport in Baltimore.  Terminal C is fairly new and while we were sitting waiting for a yet another delayed (what else?) flight on the 20th, we noticed this.


Doggie bathroom.

I had to peek inside.


And that was our laugh in Baltimore.  You see all sorts of things when you spend three or four hours in one airport!

So I am presently defrosting a chicken pot pie (I tried a new recipe which should be interesting) for dinner while Banjo Man has gone to the grocery store for milk and vegetables.  We intend to spend the rest of this long holiday weekend on the couch watching football.

What are you doing?





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merry christmas from Austin 2018

It took quite a few hours to get out of Baltimore, but it happened!  Here is the view from the window as we were about to land in Austin.  It was a welcome sight.


The airport baggage claim area was decorated beautifully.  A nice surprise!

IMG_2221IMG_2220Will picked us up, in the midst of a midnight airport traffic jam, and we headed to the Magnolia Cafe for a late night meal before falling into bed at 2 AM.

We are so glad to be here.

I have a giant pot roast cooking in the crock pot this morning, just in case anyone gets hungry later on.  We’ll be next door at C’Boys bar at 3:30 for some country music and Chicken Sh** Bingo.  Daughter Nancy is eying a piece of art in a store down the street.  I think she’ll be buying it today as her holiday souvenir.

And now it’s time to wrap presents!  I can’t believe Christmas is the day after tomorrow, can you?


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christmas past, 1949 style


We are presently delayed in Baltimore as we head to Texas for Christmas.   It has been a day of delays, from being late leaving the house because the contractor from the insurance company arrived to look at the job ten minutes before we intended to walk out the door.  The flight to Baltimore was delayed by almost two  hours .And now the flight to Austin has been rescheduled twice.

There is a lot of bad weather in the Southeast.

We could end up stuck here tonight.  I wouldn’t be surprised.

In honor of the holiday, I wanted to share Banjo Man’s favorite childhood gift from Santa.  He was eight.

Once in a while the grown up Banjo Man likes to put it under our tree.

I think it looks good there, don’t you?



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a few november photos

Before we jet off to Texas for Christmas, I thought I’d share a few November pictures with you.  Before the Funny Grandson became ill.  Before the kitchen flood.

Here’s a small version of the Dunkin’ Donut birthday cake, which I invented for Son #1 in 1988 and became a family tradition.



Always a hit.

Here we are waiting in line at Allie’s Donuts.  After fifteen minutes spent shivering outside in the cold and the wind, we came to our senses and drove to a nearby Dunkin’ Donuts.


You can’t see the 20+ people in line inside the building.

Nothing says Thanksgiving like pumpkins.



The Funny Grandson helped make the place cards.  We had a “random number” pick decide the seating, which he thought was a great game.




A very welcome hug.


One of Ginny’s elegant homemade desserts.


The Texans keeping warm on the couch.

I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed a November more.



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the disaster guys


My “disaster guys” arrived yesterday!  Right on schedule, too.  They ripped up my floor and found water and mold and wallboard that had to be removed.  So they removed it and were incredibly neat and clean about it, too.

I thanked them very much and fed them cookies.


The electrician came also, to fix a dangerous situation in our basement ceiling.  He brought his son to be his assistant and I learned that they like cookies, too.

The boss of the disaster guys arrived, but he didn’t stay long enough to eat any cookies.  He’s a very busy man.

So here is a picture of my kitchen:


You are looking at three fans and one dehumidifier.  These fans could rival jet engines when it comes to decibel levels.   We had to turn them off to watch a couple of episodes of “Living Alaska” on tv last night.

Today I ran to town to get my hair cut and returned with pizza for the electricians and the carpenter.  I am so grateful that they are here I can’t stop feeding them.

Pepperoni = gratitude.



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it’s not christmas without a banjo

IMG_2192 (1)

I think his head was cold.

We went out last night to one of our favorite restaurants, the Wood River Inn, for some music and dinner.

You’ve have to love the banjo player.  He was great.  In fact, the whole band was great.  As was the food.

We needed some holiday cheer.   And some live music!  There will be plenty of music in Austin next week, but we just couldn’t wait for Texas.


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a little italian lunch


I thought I’d take advantage of the lull between construction and deconstruction here and show you pictures of our lunch on Federal Hill, in Providence.

My daughter-in-law wanted to eat in a “real” Italian restaurant, so we found one with a Mafia history and a Frank Sinatra soundtrack.


My happy Texans.

My son is known for his large appetite.  He ordered chicken parm.


He was very happy.


And he finished every bite.


And because it was his birthday celebration, he had dessert.

We picked out all sorts of special pastries at the Italian bakery and then trudged through the rain to Venda Ravioli, the best and biggest deli in Rhode Island.  We bought ravioli at Venda’s to cook for dinner–I had meatballs and sauce waiting in the crock pot–but no one was hungry!  Imagine that!


Post-martini shopping.

Last stop?  Gasbarro’s liquor store to buy the wine for Thanksgiving.  One of the owners offered us doughnuts from a huge Dunkin Donuts box on the counter.  The Funny Grandson took him up on it, of course.  The kid is a doughnut freak, but more about that in another post.

FG slept all the way home, to the shock and awe of his parents.  It did eventually stop raining, which made the drive home easier.

Banjo Man had stayed home to monitor a particularly dreadful day in the stock market, but we brought him cookies and pasta and sauce and bread so he didn’t feel too left out.


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giggles are good

As I sit here today the electrician still hasn’t appeared.  He called–wow!!!–and said, “Maybe Monday”.

I won’t hold my breath.

The Disaster Recovery company is coming on Monday to rip out my kitchen floor, take out my sink and cabinet and dishwasher and stove.  They are going to install large fans to dry out the flooring underneath and treat everything for mold.

Some time in January someone will come and repair everything and put in a new floor.

In the meantime I continue to wash dishes in the bathroom sink.

Speaking of the bathroom, the water bulge on the ceiling over the shower has become more and more mysterious.  Our roofer is here now trying to figure out what is going on.  We have soaked insulation and a moldy ceiling, so all of that will have to be removed and replaced.  But probably not until we find someone to do the job–in January.

I love the roofer.

So here are some funny tiles I spotted while shopping with Mom Wednesday.  I took her to lunch about 40 minutes away, to Denny’s Diner.  She absolutely loved it.  Quiet and warm, with such nice wait staff, it was the perfect place for her for lunch.  Their handicapped access was wonderful, too.

We had turkey dinners.  Love that comfort food!

For a smile…




And a personal favorite…


Banjo Man needs another flashlight.  Wish us luck!


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the not-good-news bubble


The bathroom ceiling above the shower.

This is what greeted us this morning.

We were not happy.

Obviously there is a leak in the roof and we have to find it.  Fortunately for us, a man from Single Source Disaster Recovery is coming tomorrow morning to look at my kitchen floor.  If there is anyone who can tell us what to do about this ceiling, it’s him.

It hasn’t rained in days, by the way.  This is so bizarre.

We are leaving for Texas in one week.  Do you think this will be fixed by then????

Please send good thoughts.  Or tequila.



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