need a hug

I couldn’t wait another month to get a “Grandma hug”, so yesterday Banjo Man suggested I get on a plane and head to Texas asap.  Because this little guy is waiting for me.


Thank you, Southwest, for some great travel deals.  Thank you,  Banjo Man, for a great idea.

We’re partying in Austin in March.  Family and friends are flying in from North Carolina, Nebraska and California.  Glen’s nephew is exhibiting at the film festival and will be demonstrating his film inventions.  We can’t wait!

So between lots of hugs and babysitting (fun, fun, fun!!!) and shopping (hurray for a daughter-in-law who likes Ikea!!) I’ll be making and freezing meatballs and chicken enchiladas and all sorts of goodies for the following month, because listening to music makes you very hungry.

It really does.

2012-03-08 001

South Congress Cafe

2012-03-07 041

Torchy’s or Magnolia Cafe leftovers?

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3 Responses to need a hug

  1. Sharon says:

    I think John is on a roll. Doesn’t that hat remind you of the colander hat. I think he’s going to invent a hat we can all wear that will make us invisible.

  2. Everyone should have such a photogenic grandchild!

  3. Amber says:

    Guess who’s excited about seeing his Grandma! I’ve been telling him that you’re coming and showing your picture! He can’t wait to give you hugs!! P.S. Ben and I are very excited too! 🙂

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