blizzard, tacos and ikea, part 2

I apologize for having kept you waiting. I have some great storm pics taken by daughter Nancy, but I’ve had no luck transferring them to the blog. Darn. I kept hoping that if I tried enough times, something would work. It didn’t.

So…where were we?

Oh, yes. Saturday. Banjo Man and My Mother were stranded without electricity or water with 2 feet of snow on the ground and the temperature starting to drop to 9 degrees. No one had showed up to shovel or plow. Branches covered the long, wooded driveway. It was time for Banjo Man to once again put on his boots and cold weather gear and hike to Mom’s house. This time he would bring her home, where the propane stove was keeping things warm and toasty in the lower level of the house.

Mom fell outside her back door. She fell again at the bottom of her hill, by the garage. She had hip spasms and couldn’t move. So Banjo Man left her sitting in the snow and hiked back into the woods to find an old toboggan in an old shed. Then he hauled her by toboggan back to the house.

This was no easy feat. It still gives me nightmares.

They celebrated their survival by eating dinner by candlelight near the stove and drinking one or two bottles of wine. At least that’s the rumor.

Meanwhile daughter Nancy and Mike were stranded in the middle of town, six miles away.


Snow up to the roof of the Toyota Highlander

Banjo Man spent the weekend melting snow to flush the toilets. And he built a “hibachi” (as he put it) in the birdbath to heat up meals. My portable radio—complete with batteries—gave them news from the outside world. Their cell phones were kept for quick updates to me and for possible emergencies.

Electricity was restored Sunday night, in time for two hours of Downton Abbey and a non-birdbath dinner. But they were still stranded.

That’s when Jeff showed up with his chainsaw and helped Banjo Man clear the driveway.

We love Jeff. I owe him many chicken enchilada casseroles and all the artichoke dip he can eat.

Meanwhile, Son #2 and I were assembling Ikea bookcases (him) and expounding on the benefits of getting rid of clutter and unnecessary collections of weird things (me). Believe it or not, I can dispense opinions and wisdom while also cooking chicken, pork roast, macaroni and cheese and brownies (Son #1, Sweet D-i-l and Most Handsome Grandson were coming for dinner).

2013-02-10 016

On Sunday we returned to Ikea to fine tune the reorganization plan and ate the Saturday night leftovers with Son #1, etc. My daughter-in-law provided special wine and chocolate-dipped strawberries (the biggest strawberries I’ve ever seen) for our women-only Downton Abbey Watch Party.

Note: it was good to see Mr. Bates get out of prison before he killed someone. How strange to see Thomas cry. Poor Edith can’t catch a break when it comes to men, but it’s good to see her smiling. The clothes aren’t as beautiful as the seasons before. Good for Matthew for manning up and taking control. Lord Wrentham looks dumber every day. Where’s his dog? Who the heck is Rose?

Could any of these people cook hamburgers in a bird bath???????


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3 Responses to blizzard, tacos and ikea, part 2

  1. nancy k says:

    Snow was not up to the roof but high enough where it would be easy to climb on the roof.

  2. Connie says:

    Survival of the fittest! Go Banjo Man!

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