the really good long day, part 1

The day started in Lockhart, a town that calls itself the “BBQ Capital of Texas”.

Here are the BBQ Adventurers:

2013-03-13 003

George, Will, Jack and Banjo Man

They are standing in front of the legendary Kreuz Market, which opens for business at 10:30 AM. We were the second car in the parking lot.

2013-03-13 002There are rules here on the BBQ Trail.

2013-03-13 006

2013-03-13 020Delbert McLinton once ate here.  I was impressed.  Obviously.

2013-03-13 004Banjo Man had other things on his mind.

Like ribs, beef shoulder, sausage, smoked turkey, beans, bread, crackers and potato salad.

2013-03-13 012 2013-03-13 016 2013-03-13 014 2013-03-13 019 2013-03-13 017

I ate ribs. The best ribs of my life.

2013-03-13 011And the very best 99-cent banana pudding in the universe.  Here is the empty bowl: 2013-03-13 024I’m not sure why Gene Autry’s suit was on display, but perhaps you’d enjoy seeing it mounted on the wall. 2013-03-13 022Beautiful tailoring. 2013-03-13 023We waddled out of these door about an hour and a half after we arrived.  But we were not through with BBQ yet…. 2013-03-13 025

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4 Responses to the really good long day, part 1

  1. Karen B says:

    Hot Rod Lincoln wants to know if any of these products are available at Job Lot

  2. Maybe the styrofoam pudding bowls????? 🙂

  3. Ellie says:

    Bob was wondering why Glen is eating all that meat. Isn’t he a vegetarian? mmmmmmmm
    What happens in Austin, stays in Austin !!!

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