the very good long day, part 2

Lockhart, Texas is a cool little town that boasts four bbq joints.  The BBQ Adventurers and I decided to take a little tour before hitting Smitty’s for a second round of ribs.

2013-03-13 044Are these guys waiting for a plane?  Admiring the courthouse?  Looking at a really big cow? 2013-03-13 041Confederate monument. 2013-03-13 043Lockhart was part of the Chisholm Trail. 2013-03-13 033Okay, I found an antiques store.  And I went inside.  I admit it. 2013-03-13 031In Texas, if you only have one boot (damn those margaritas!) you make a lamp. 2013-03-13 030I loved these.  Too small, though. 2013-03-13 029I liked her attitude.  And her hat.

(more about Lockhart tomorrow)

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