the very good long day part 3

You thought I forgot all about the music, didn’t you?  We’re in Austin, it’s the opening day of the music portion of SXSW, so where is the music????

At the Continental Club, of course.  3 PM, no cover charge.  Just a walk down the street.

This was after our second meal of BBQ ribs in Lockhart (downtown, at Smitty’s, where you walk down a smoky hall past firepits to order your food) and experiencing a slight “meat coma” that required a 20-minute nap.

2013-03-13 057 2013-03-13 059

Hot Club of Cowtown, one of the best bands ever!  We all bought the new cd.

2013-03-13 067

Elana James of Hot Club

Playing in the San Jose parking lot behind Jo’s Coffee was “Asleep At the Wheel”.  Asleep At The Wheel???!!!!

We then piled into the van and headed to our favorite place, The Saxon Pub, for some blues with Johnny Nicholas.  He grew up in Pawcatuck, CT and Westerly, RI and he is Banjo Man’s favorite musician in Texas.

2013-03-13 074

Johnny Nicholas

Banjo Man talked to him for a while outside his truck.

2013-03-13 072

Yes, this is a margarita in a beer mug. Please, do not judge. 🙂

Then Ben, Amber and John joined us for a late dinner at the Magnolia Cafe.  After all those ribs, most of us ordered pancakes and eggs.

My grandson wasn’t thrilled with his father eating his home fries, so he stuck his fork in his dad’s blueberry pancakes.  They ate off of each other’s plates for a while, which I think is going to happen for many years to come.

We couldn’t fit anything else into the day, but when you’re in Austin you have to see as much and eat as much as you can.

It’s the law.

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