new quilt, new songs

2014-01-24 008

Yes, I like bright quilts. Why do you ask? 🙂

I made this a few years ago, during The Year of the Finger Surgeries. I think the pain pills altered my brain at the time and created my need to buy and sew with very, very bright colors.

I have calmed down a bit, but there are lots and lots of exotic fabrics lining my shelves. I will use them all someday.

The blue Texas quilt is now consigned to the couch, where I’m stitching the binding and trying not to stab myself with the needle and bleed on the white backing while watching television. And I didn’t want to take down my “poor man’s machine quilting set-up” right away, not with the temps in the single digits and while I am still fighting the remnants of the Mysterious Christmas Airline Virus and can’t go anywhere or do anything.

So…time to run another quilt through the machine. Or at least make a start. I like to listen to music while I quilt, so I make playlists and turn the volume way up.

My Friend Jeff introduced me to the wonders of Pandora internet radio (free!!!!) and I’m hearing all sorts of new songs this week.

Today’s hit is “So Long Blues”, by Eileen Jewell. I’m going to teach Banjo Man the harmony and I’m going to teach myself how to play it on the lap steel.

There are advantages to being stuck in the house.

I suppose.

2014-01-24 012

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2 Responses to new quilt, new songs

  1. Ellie says:

    What more can one person need if they have bright beautiful quilts to work on and listen to some blues by Eileen Jewell. I can see you and Banjo Man together on this song! Love it!!

  2. The song on the album is played with a steel guitar and is very, very cool! I’m setting up my office like a music studio this afternoon–hurray!

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