heading east again

It’s raining in Austin tonight.  Banjo Man and I have done laundry and packed our suitcases.  We’ve kissed our grandson goodbye and enjoyed a few more hugs from all of our family here.

The Broken Spoke, a South Austin landmark, begins its 50th anniversary celebration tonight.  A honkytonk dancing saloon once surrounded by a huge dusty parking lot, it is now hemmed between two large apartment buildings.

Condominiums are sprouting up everywhere.

South Austin is changing.  And so quickly.

Since I didn’t haul my laptop to Texas this time (I’m using a Kindle tablet) I haven’t been able to share the pictures I took of trucks and Halloween and pumpkins and guitars and musicians and margaritas and Princess Leia headbands.

But I will, when I am home.

Can you tell I’m a little tired?

Remember that story I was in the middle of writing last month?  I finished it in Missoula and sent it off.  Well, there was a little glitch in the format no one knew about, so I worked on that up until the night before leaving on a 6 AM flight to Austin with daughter NancyK.  Meanwhile my poor editor just about had a nervous breakdown and said she owed me a bottle of tequila.

My daughter told me I slept right through pretty bad turbulence on the flight between Tampa and Austin, turbulence that made the woman on my right sick and ask for an air bag and ginger ale.  I vaguely remember my head bouncing a bit, but not enough to wake me up.

Banjo Man says I’m still tired from the road trip.  He suggests  that when we get home I spend all my spare time sitting on the couch with him and watching our favorite tv shows.  He thinks we should get a bigger television.

We are not getting a bigger television.

I wish I had the energy to drop into the “Spoke” tonight, hear a little music, watch the dancers, look around to see if “Willie” dropped by to say hello…

But it is raining in Austin tonight.  And it is time to go home and rest up for a few months.

With Banjo Man.

On the couch.

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