another baby, another quilt

Hurray!  I accomplished something this week!  Despite this frozen shoulder and a stomach bug, I actually got something done!!!!

2015-04-24 004

Sewing the binding on.

I made the top last November, but hadn’t had time–what with trips to Texas and book deadlines–to quilt it.

Now it’s done!  The baby is due any day.  I can’t show  you the whole quilt–it’s a gift and I don’t want to spoil the surprise–but it has a lot of colors and fabrics (because I like stitching with a lot of colors and fabrics!!).

I call it the “Modern Scrappy Zigzag Quilt”.

The music that accompanied the stitching Thursday night:

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1 Response to another baby, another quilt

  1. Sharon says:

    Lucky baby!

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