lunch in georgetown

If you are hungry and you are in Georgetown, Texas and your daughter-in-law suggests eating here, you make haste to this restaurant and plan on having the chocolate cream pie for dessert.

Just sayin’.

2015-03-16 033After we were full of sandwiches and pie, we shopped.  Because Georgetown has LOTS OF SHOPS!!

2015-03-16 028

I have a collection of horses in a box in the basement. Maybe it’s time to unpack them? Might be fun to see what my 9-year old self thought was cool.

2015-03-16 025

When a bedpan becomes a decoration.

2015-03-16 015

Something for Banjo Man!

2015-03-16 016

Would Linda of Cougar Creek Band like this????

2015-03-16 017

I wish Banjo Man could have told me what this was. Guesses, anyone?

2015-03-16 018

Is this what they call a large-mouth bass?

2015-03-16 013

Reminds me of Son #1.

2015-03-16 008

Son #2 would love looking at these. Someday we’re going to hunt arrowheads in Texas.

2015-03-16 020 2015-03-16 023 2015-03-16 022My daughter-in-law and I are already planning our next trip back to Georgetown, and we might even have  Dancing Mandolin Player with us!

DMP, do you like pie???


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