porch chatter

2015-08-14 001

This says it all.

Last Thursday it was time for the annual gathering of the Montana ladies & friends. We had a lot to talk about: summer company, grandchildren, children, food, families, travel plans, etc.

2013-08-23 017

Chilled wine and frozen champagne grapes in 2013.

2012-08-22 006

Here we are looking spiffy in 2012.

We skipped the Housedress Dress Code and the dock (it was close to 100 degrees, according to Accuweather) and set up lunch on the porch. Under the fan. With wine, vodka, tequila, iced tea and lots of food.

I even made the OMG peach cake.
2012-08-08 005

 We sat around the table for almost six hours.

Obviously there was a lot to catch up on!!!

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