story man’s birthday

Guess how old he is?


The candles don’t lie.

Saturday began with brunch, continued on to another frustrating Husker loss, went on to Mexican Train dominoes, and then a trip to Grandma’s garage where the “kids” discovered an old candy box filled with old postcards from 1947-1963.  The small silver-colored box was inside a box of games and must have been removed from one of my mother’s closets some time in the last year or so.

We had a ball reading those postcards.  Many were sent by my father while he was out to sea while serving in the Navy.

They were wonderful reminders of him and it almost felt as if he was partying with us that afternoon.

So special.

Dinner consisted of a huge lasagna, Nurse Nancy’s special Greek salad and secret homemade dressing, along with ciabatta bread.

And pie!!!

Thank you, Nephew Thomas, for the pies.

Thank you, Dad, for the postcards.

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1 Response to story man’s birthday

  1. Ellie says:

    It sounds like there could not have been a better birthday for Story Man, than his 38th! 🎉🎂🎁🎶
    How very special to have found those postcards from your father. It is a reminder that words are powerful when they come from a loved one. They connect us to our past and are carried on through our shared stories. Family ties are the best!!

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