going out tonight!

We are actually going out tonight!   I couldn’t be more excited!

Banjo Man has been sick with a sinus infection–poor Banjo Man–and the past two weeks’ attempts at going out to celebrate my birthday (or just plain ‘going out’ anywhere at all) had been, understandably, total failures.

I made poor Banjo Man stay home. And I made him go to the doctor.  And I make him take his medicine.  And drink tea.  And go to bed early.  And take naps.

He is feeling much better.  We even went to town this afternoon.  A miracle!  We picked up a check at the consignment store because they sold these chairs for us:

2012-12-03 009

Somebody got a bargain.

So now we have money in our pockets and tonight we are off to Hope Valley, to the Wood River Inn , for bluegrass night.  We’ll have a very early dinner and listen to some fiddles and dobros (I hope) and guitars and–gulp–banjos.

Jeff is going to meet us there.

DSCF9232 (2)

Jeff & Angela, 2011

(Have I mentioned that this happy couple are expecting a little girl in April?  We are so excited!) 

I am already working on the quilt.

There.  Will.  Be.  Pink.

Anyway….this has been an exciting Sunday.  I picked up our Christmas cards at CVS, delivered some holiday jam (yes, made at the lake last summer) and am looking forward to hearing some music.

Banjo Man thinks we’ll be home by 8:15 PM to watch the Patriots play, and that will probably work out just fine.  He’ll be back on the couch before he knows it.

And I’ll go back to wrapping presents and sewing.

Hurray for Sunday!

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