star wars, the competition


I bought this game for Sarge for Christmas.  It was the Season of Star Wars, after all, and my three sons (My Three Sons–does anyone remember that tv show???) considered themselves experts on the first six movies.  My grandson was also a fanatic, having been raised with All Things Star Wars.


So on Christmas afternoon nothing would but to open the Star Wars trivia game and start the competition.  Sarge read the rules:  there would be two ways to “win” a piece of a light saber and the person who completed his light saber first won the game.  There were multiple choice trivia questions and “scene cards”, where each player took a “scene card” and placed it in the proper chronological order over the span of six movies.

(Six movies???  Really???)


This was taken during a later game, but it shows the scene cards and the light sabers.

I came to Texas prepared with a bag of prizes for the winners.  Some of these prizes were really cool, such as new SW action figures.  Others were weird and/or practical, just to keep the guys guessing.

The three brothers proceeded to play.

They were very, very serious.

Meanwhile, the five-year old was busy with his guitar and his new Christmas toys and had no idea what exciting event was taking place at the dining room table.


The Force was with them as were all of the cookies.

And then…during the trivia question round, the littlest member of the family wandered over and overheard one of his uncles ask a trivia question.  The five-year old answered the question, giving away the answer.  The players didn’t like that.  He was told to be quiet.

Another trivia question was presented instead.  The little guy then whispered the answer.

Oh, was he in trouble!  Banned from hanging around the table!  Banned from giving away the correct answers!  Ordered to go to a galaxy far, far away!

And then Grandpa Banjo Man stepped in.

The five-year old would be allowed to play.  After all, hadn’t his father and uncles indoctrinated him into the Star Wars universe before he was old enough to speak?

Properly chastised, with Banjo Man hovering and glaring, the supposedly grown up guys gave the little one a seat at the table.

Game on!

(He didn’t win, but he gave the old guys a run for their money!)

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