figs & pigs & sewing up a storm

Thursday was our (Harley Chick, Aunt Pat and me) north to Worcester, MA, to the annual Sew Expo.  This year it rained.  It rained A LOT.  We should have brought umbrellas, but truthfully?  We only had to cross two streets between the parking garage and the Convention Center.  How wet could we get?  How hard could it rain?

And besides, Aunt Pat had found a restaurant (“Figs & Pigs”) that was actually inside the Convention Center.  We were all set.

But…if you look at this picture you will see three women who discovered that to get to the restaurant, they had to leave one part of the building and walk two blocks to lunch.  In the pouring, driving, storming rain.


Which one was smart and had a hood on her coat?

I would walk through a hurricane to eat at Figs & Pigs again.  Truly, it was that good.  I had the best sandwich of my life.

I really did.

I was too wet to even try to take a picture, but can you picture sourdough bread, buttered and grilled?  And inside are sauteed mushrooms, melted cheese and fig jam?


I am going to make it for Banjo Man next weekend, because he is doing our taxes and is incredibly grumpy and this sandwich will cheer him up.

Back to the Expo:

The first thing we did upon arriving was pose with a dummy.


You can order one of these in your own measurements, which I think would be worse than having to look in a full length mirror every day, but maybe that’s just me.


Why I go to physical therapy.


Silks of many colors.


I collect these in whale bone.  I’ve never seen new ones for sale before!

Here’s my little dream machine, a sit-down quilting machine and table.  I’m practicing here, you see.   I can’t believe how deformed my fingers look.  Yikes!


On sale for only $4395.00.

Poor Harley Chick ended up driving in the blinding rain for close to 4 hours total, but she remained cheerful despite the weather.  Aunt Pat and I really appreciated it!

Pat and I each bought a copy of this book.   There was a sale, but the math confused us.  We think we each saved $5.00.  Maybe.  I’m not too worried about it, because I didn’t buy this book last year and I’m really glad to have it now.


I bought new sewing tweezers, a finger flashlight for my grandson, plus something to cut Play Doh with when Sammy (who turns 3 tomorrow) comes to visit.

(Sammy has a brand new baby sister, by the way).

Harley Chick bought fabric.  She has a new grandchild arriving next month.

Another great field trip, with friends, food and fabric.

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2 Responses to figs & pigs & sewing up a storm

  1. Marjorie Fridrich says:

    I freeze just to think about the walk in the rain. The wind here is relentless. We are Chicago II. M.

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