someone else’s gumbo

I have just put my gumbo recipe in my suitcase, because–as tradition dictates–I will be making gumbo for Christmas Eve.  The boys won’t want to wait until dinner and will most likely down a few bowls in the afternoon.

Which is fine with me.

I haven’t been to New Orleans since 2007, which means I’ve been eating my own gumbo for 9 years.

So if  you ask me what I’m most looking forward to next week, my answer would be:  eating someone else’s gumbo!

Everyone makes it differently.  Chunks of sausage or finely ground.  Tomato base or fish stock.  Chicken and andouille?  Shrimp and file powder?  There’s a restaurant called “The Gumbo Shop” (I have their cookbook) which serves several different kinds all day long.

They have the best bread, too.   So that is where we will go first, once we’ve ditched our suitcases at the hotel.  Two blocks down the street, take a left and then…heaven.

No cooking next week for More Pie!!!







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