oh happy day

Today I am 65.  I find that so exciting, due to now qualifying for Medicare.

I cannot tell you how happy that makes me, which also makes me an old lady, because only old people are excited about getting Medicare.

It’s how we roll.

If you are under 65, feel free to roll your eyes.  If  you are over 65, you know what I’m talking about.

Life is good.

Here’s where we’re going for dinner tonight.  This is a copy of an old menu.


Originally a speakeasy, it was recently restored.  I remember my grandparents taking us here once every summer for fish ‘n chips.  The highlight of the dinner was a choice of parfait for dessert.

I have loved parfaits ever since.

Banjo Man and I are getting ready to take off to New Orleans.  He begged to go down there before we went to Texas, so I was able to rearrange our flights and take advantage of the holiday specials in the French Quarter.  “Papa Noel” time in the French Quarter means special room rates and incredible savings on Reveillon dinners.  We used to take a little mid-December trip to “N’awlins” before Katrina.  And we went once the year after Katrina.  But not since.

We are very excited.

If you’d like to know more about December in the French Quarter, here’s the link:


I think we’re going to eat our way around the city.  And I’m hoping some time in the World War II museum, if I can tear Banjo Man away the restaurants.  Our hotel is right across the street from Banjo Man’s favorite jazz bar, Fritzel’s, which is convenient.  And we have tickets for Preservation Hall.

Let the good times roll!




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2 Responses to oh happy day

  1. Phyllis Nolan says:

    Tell us all about it…haven’t been there since Katrina either. Have fun!

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