look out, Banjo Man!


Oh my goodness, there’s another one!  And yes, that’s a tenor banjo, just like Banjo Man’s.

How excited my B-Man was at Fritzel’s tonight!  He was actually bouncing on the bar stool.

This was our fourth traditional jazz band of the day.  So happy!

We walked for miles, all day long.  So tired!

I just asked Banjo Man to amputate my feet, but he is studying the liner notes of the CD he just bought and is paying no attention.

We ate our dinner (gumbo) in the hotel bar tonight so we wouldn’t miss hearing the band.  There was a tuba.

We listened to “gypsy jazz” at the Cathedral tonight.  Fabulous.  The best show yet.

We went to Cafe du Monde twice.

I bought a new jar of file powder.

And a new gumbo cookbook.

I resisted pricey tablecloths from France and $30 roux spoons.

Hurray for impromptu mini vacations!!!

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