the perfect rainy morning

I walked down to Cafe du Monde this morning.  Banjo Man was busy working and I couldn’t wait for him.

I nailed a table right in front of the sidewalk band.  The air was misty, the streets wet, but the rain had stopped.  Long live the music!


And then there was breakfast…


Oh, my goodness.  I have postponed my diet for three days.


Gumbo and fried shrimp have called my name.  Last night a crab cake begged to be on my plate.  There was even—gasp—a vanilla bean creme brulee.

And tequila.

Today I put 10,000 steps on my Fit Bit before 2 pm.  Walking in the Quarter is not at all relaxing right now.  Much of it is a construction zone, with streets being torn up, equipment everywhere, man hole covers exposed, trenches, mud, Jack hammers, etc.  Banjo Man thinks they are putting in a new drainage system.  Whatever is happening sure turns walking around into a bit of an obstacle course…and is very noisy.

But I managed to find a few Christmas presents for the Funny Grandson.  Because nothing can stop a grandmother on a sugar high.

Pass me another beignet, please.






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2 Responses to the perfect rainy morning

  1. Sharon Winn says:

    Beignets from Cafe Du Monde….be still my heart!

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