i don’t get it


The studio where the magic happens!

I’ve always been a radio person.  I had a radio beside my bed at night when I was a kid and loved finding odd, static-coated stations to listen to at night.

My grandparents gave me a transistor radio for my 13th birthday.  A portable radio???  Was there anything more exciting than that?

I own three radios here in Rhode Island.  They are my friends.

Some of you know how much I love am addicted to local Rhode Island talk radio.

When I am at the lake and spending quiet morning hours in the kitchen I even stream local stations from my computer.  The corrupt and insane world of RI politics is endlessly fascinating.  What powerful elected official is going to federal prison?  Who are the FBI investigating now?  We’ve had a couple of inept governors who provide endless humorous comments and frustration.  Bribes, theft, conspiracies, lies, voter fraud, snowstorms, hurricanes?  It’s all here, people.

But I have only been brave enough to call in to a talk show twice.

Several years ago a friend called and pleaded with me to call in to a show we both listened to.  The topic?  People who dated their teachers.  The question?  What happened afterwards.

There was no way I was going to call in to announce that I’d actually married my history teacher.  NO.  WAY.

There was also a time I tried to win a couple of tickets to a sold-out Josh Groban concert.

No luck.

Another time (about 18 years ago) my favorite talk show host was reading about some news in Idaho.  “Who would ever want to live in Idaho?  Call me if you’ve ever lived in Idaho!”

I was too chicken to call in.  And I thought I might get just a bit testy over the air waves as I defended my beautiful state.

Three weeks ago my favorite feisty talk show host had a week long giveaway of Christmas ornaments.  “MyLittleTown” is a local company that makes ornaments from Rhode Island landmarks.

All you had to do to win a couple was to call in and tell “Johnny D” something about pop culture that you just didn’t understand, didn’t “get” the appeal of.

I couldn’t stop myself from dialing the station and–surprise–I was the first caller.

“The Walking Dead,” I said.  “And zombies.  I just don’t get the appeal of dead monsters.”

John agreed with me.  And I won two ornaments.  All I had to do was drive over to Newport and pick them up.

And that’s what I did today, after Mom and I ran some errands and fought the March wind blasting across the bay.

Here are my selections:


They make the candy right here in my town.  Their dark chocolate covered caramels make life worth living.




Like Arby’s but much, much better.  Once a year I splurge on their onion rings.

I was tempted to select the “pot hole” ornament, but decided I had enough pot holes in my life right now.

So I stuck with food, the best part of our wacky little state.  It’s a little embarrassing to admit how exciting it was to visit the studio, even though I was only in the lobby.

If you want to see the vast array of RI-themed ornaments, go to:


You might want a cup of Rocky Point chowder on your tree next year!




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6 Responses to i don’t get it

  1. Sharon M Winn says:

    What a hoot! Those ornaments are perfect. What a great idea.

  2. Pat says:

    Congratulations! It’s great that you won and that you got to choose ornaments that are special to you. Now that the ice is broken, call Johnny D to chat. I have a hunch you’ll become a beloved regular in no time!

  3. Marge Fridrich says:

    Only my sister-in-law. Funny and who knew. My “awe” for the day. M

    Sent from my iPhone


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