why did the turkey…

…cross the road?


(A)  to find bugs and/or acorns,

(B)  for exercise, though they walk very, very slowly, with their skinny turkey feet planted firmly at every step they take, or

(C)  to make me hurry downstairs to tell Banjo Man to look out the office window.

We haven’t seen turkeys in a long while.  For many years we were on the “mother and babies” loop.  Two mothers and a dozen or so turkey babies spent part of their day in our front yard.  The “pit” was the perfect turkey play pen.  And we spent many hours watching the mothers teach the little ones to fly from the tree on our patio.  Each year there was always one little frightened turkey who didn’t want to make the leap and sat on the branch long after the others had wandered slowly into the brush.  We would cheer him on until he tossed himself into the air.

The turkeys we saw yesterday were fully grown, a gang of ten looking for trouble.  Or male turkeys.  Or maybe a warm place to nest.  Good luck with that, ladies.

Nothing is warm here.  Cold, dreary, spitting rain, clouded with fog…that’s what it is like right now.  I am grumpy.

And I have a new gadget, not that I really wanted this thing.  But it was time to take control instead of relying on doctor visits and the machines at CVS.

Do I have high blood pressure?  No one knows.  It’s up, it’s down.  Such is life.  Have I tried medication?  Yes, but it makes me very, very tired and therefore cranky.  And it doesn’t seem to make much difference in the numbers, either.  So my doctor said to stop taking the medication, but to check the pressure a couple of times a week to see what is going on.  For now.

Let’s see…what else is going on…

I have been to Walmart twice in three days.  No one should do that.  It’s too crazy.  The first day I spent most of my time in the toy department looking for Match Box helicopters (I found three!!!).  The second day I bought groceries, though the chicken section was decimated.  Note to self:  do not expect to buy chicken breasts on a Sunday afternoon at Walmart.

I have some new recipes to try, including a fire-roasted tomato and cheddar cheese soup I saw on the Cooking Channel.

My daughter, the “baby girl” of the family, turns 37 on Saturday.

The Funny Grandson is in love with his new suede tool belt.  Banjo Man told him that one of those pockets was designed to hold candy bars.


We have been feeding some very grateful neighborhood birds and chipmunks.  I’m sure they’re wondering where the warm weather is, too.

We watched the 2013 documentary “Muscle Shoals” last night.  Fabulous!

Here’s the trailer:


I hope the skies are blue and the breezes are warm wherever you are reading this today!   I will be at the lake in 71 days…





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