birthday gal

We ordered margaritas, but one of us had to prove she was under 21!!!!  The other three of us (whose combined ages totaled 231) were shocked and very, very amused.

How hilarious!

NancyK turned 37 on  Saturday and we celebrated by going out for an Italian dinner Sunday afternoon.



Cheers to the gal with the baby face.

Banjo Man ordered a vegetarian pizza.


Back home we ate cake.


No,  I didn’t bake this one.  Triple chocolate was a hit!


Such a happy smile.

And the sun was shining!  The four of us were giddy from blue skies, sunshine, chocolate and pasta.

I think I love April.



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1 Response to birthday gal

  1. Marjorie Fridrich says:

    A belated Happy Birthday , Nancy. Save some of that cake for me. Aunt M

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